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About us

At Amey dairy, our passion for dairy runs deep. We believe that quality, tradition, and sustainability are the cornerstones of a thriving dairy industry. With decades of experience in dairy farming, we have cultivated a legacy of providing the finest dairy and milk products to families across the region.

Our Story

Our journey began in the picturesque Lucknow , where our founder, Mr Durgesh, established our first dairy farm. Guided by a commitment to excellence, Mr Durgesh worked tirelessly to nurture healthy, contented cows, producing the purest milk and cream. The local community soon embraced our dairy products, and word of mouth spread our reputation for quality far and wide.

Why Amiy Milk?

Our happy customers say about us

I’ve been a loyal customer of Amey product’s for years. The quality of milk and dairy products is unmatched. Their milk tastes just like the fresh milk from my childhood in the village. It’s the best choice for my family.

Rajesh P.

Mumbai, Maharashtra

I’m a huge fan of Indian sweets, and Amey product’s ghee is my secret ingredient for making mouthwatering desserts. The rich aroma and taste of their ghee truly elevate my cooking. Thank you for helping me create culinary magic!

Shreya K.

New Delhi, Delhi

The paneer from Amey product is the star ingredient in my kitchen. It’s always fresh, and its texture is perfect for my paneer dishes. I don’t trust any other brand for my paneer needs.

Rohit M

Bengaluru, Karnataka

I’ve traveled extensively in Gujarat, and I know the importance of quality khoya in sweets. [Your Dairy Brand]’s khoya has never disappointed me. It’s the essence of a sweet dish, and it’s as authentic as it gets.

Manish G.

Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Our Values

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